A wooden backpack made from an altered set of found drawers and strapping. This backpack hold tools for foraging, and smaller boxes to hold delicate things I find.

This is a hand woven wool pouch with animal tooth as a clasp. The first several pouches in this series are made from animal bodies, all of which were used out of respect. All were scraps and fragments that would have been carelessly discarded otherwise. All were found through waste streams, not bought.

hand woven wool pouches with skull and tooth. This is a reminder of where the materials came from.

foraged scrap pieces of leather and animal teeth as clasps.

leather pouches with bone buttons alongside pieces if paper with an internal dialogue written on them. This is my own conscious attempting to reconcile my use of animal bodies in my work.

leather and handwoven wool pouches with bones and teeth

small animals kept safe in small pockets sewn into the inside of a handmade tent

a handmade tent where small animals live

Small pouch necklaces made from scrap pieces of jersey fabric dyed with madder and logwood.


Small boxes made from all foraged materials:
Discarded sheets of glass, paper, thread, wool yarn, leather, jersey cotton, buttons, botanical matter, and animal bones.