paintings / drawings

paintings of the sun and moon on discarded wood. Made by my partner and I.

A self portrait with hand written notes on singing. Sewn onto a page of sheet music from an old family Hymnal.

a return to painting

Coretta, from the Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge

Clover, from the Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge

Coconut, from the Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge

ink drawing with blueberries for color

A sustained reaction to Phil’s song Crucifixion

A reactive sketch while listening to Phil Ochs' song Too Many Martyrs.

series of drawings with spent madder dye. Each image was made while listening to the corresponding song by Phil Ochs as part of a larger, investigative study.

Pencil drawings painted with spent natural dye baths. Colors include black walnut, madder, osage, and golden rod.

Painting using Eucalyptus