Intaglio etching

A linoleum print, printed on cotton with boiled linseed oil and bark from an oak tree outside my house.

Portraits of a felter and a potter. They are drawn in pencil on Hosho paper and the molecular structure of the materials they use have been carved into woodblocks and printed over them. The printing ink is made from thickened linseed oil and local plants.

Potters, poets, photographers, and woodworkers. Portraits are drawn in pencil and their materials have been carved into woodblocks and printed using linseed oil and local plants.

“Not Pictured” an ongoing project in which I research working women who, despite acting in amazing ways, have not been properly recorded in history. There are no pictures of these women, largely due to being poor, working class, immigrant, or people of color.


A drypoint painted with charcoal and eucalyptus pigments.

A reduction woodblock print.

Phil Ochs was a member of the Yippies and as part of the group’s work they nominated a pig for president in 1968. His name was Pigasus and he had a press conference announcing his candidacy. However, this was rudely interrupted by the police who arrested all Yippie members on the grounds that livestock were not permitted in the city.

Bandanas, handkerchiefs, and dish towels made from reclaimed linoleum and old fabric from the Refuge.


Intaglio etchings and dry points, linoleum and woodblock relief, and lithography prints: these are the echoes and memories of the plates and matrices that borne them.